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Public Guardian

The Public Guardian serves as the Court appointed Conservator for adults who are determined to be gravely disabled due to a mental or medical illness and, as a result are unable to provide for their own basic needs.  There are two types of Conservatorships; Lanterman-Petris-Short (LPS) Conservatorships and Probate Conservatorships.  LPS Conservatorships are established for individuals who are determined gravely disabled as a result of mental illness.  The Public Guardian works in partnership with Lake County Mental Health for all LPS Conservatorships. An LPS Conservatorship lasts for one year; if necessary, the Public Guardian can petition the Court to renew the conservatorship.  Probate Conservatorships are established for individuals determined gravely disabled as a result of a medical illness.  The Public Guardian is generally appointed as conservator when there are no family members who are willing or able to be appointed.  A conservator may be responsible for the estate, the person, or both the estate and the person.

In order to establish a conservatorship, the Public Guardian must investigate and document the reasons necessitating the conservatorship, obtain the necessary petitions and prove the case in court.  Once a Probate Conservatorship is established, it will remain in effect until the Conservatee proves to the court that the Conservatorship is not necessary.