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Sewer Connections - New

Getting Started

The following information is provided to help new customers through the process of obtaining water/sewer service.  For additional information or answers to questions, please contact any one of our Customer Service Specialists at (707) 263-0119, or stop by the offices at 230 N. Main Street, in Lakeport.


The Design and Construction Standards and amendments provided herein are applicable for the following wastewater service areas including Clearlake and Lower Lake (AD 1-1…AD 1-7), Middletown (AD 2-2), Kelseyville (KCWWD#3), Nice (AD 3-1), Lucerne (AD 3-2), Upper Lake (AD 3-4), Paradise Valley (AD 3-5), Kono Tayee (AD 3-3), N. Lakeport (AD 7-1), Finley / Lands End (AD 9-1), Corinthian Bay (AD 9-2), and S. Lakeport (AD 9-3).

Bound copies are available in person at the District offfice ($15.00), or electronically through the following link:

Design and Construction Standards, July 2013
Design and Construction Standards  -  Water

The Design and Construction Standards for Utility Area 2 Water Distribution Systems are provided below:

Design and Construction Standards - Utility Area 2 Water

These standards are listed for Kelseyville Water Works District No. 3.  Contact the Utility Area 2 Superintendent, Mike Thompson, for more details for other water systems in Utility Area 2.

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