Adult Protective Services

Adult Protective Service (APS) programs are designed to protect and assist dependent adults and adults 65 years of age and older who are victims of neglect, abuse or exploitation, regardless of income level.  APS has 24-hour on-call response staff to respond to referrals of suspected elder abuse or neglect.  When reports of suspected abuse are received, they are screened by a social worker to determine if there is sufficient evidence to warrant an in-person investigation.  If there is sufficient evidence, a social worker determines if an investigation needs to occur immediately or within 10 days. 

Upon completion of the investigation, APS staff evaluates the case, completes a case plan and arranges for services such as advocacy, counseling, money management, out-of-home placement, protective services or conservatorship. Each case plan is based on the needs of the individual.  APS staff works with the District Attorney’s Vertical Prosecution unit, law enforcement, the Public Guardian/Public Administration’s office, and community-based agencies to obtain the appropriate services.