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Animal Care & Control


If you qualify as low income, we can offer you spaying and neutering
services at the following prices:

$45 Male Cat
$55 Female Cat
$65 Male Dog
$75 Female Dog

Call the shelter for more information at (707) 263-0278

We will spay/neuter ANY Pitbull for a really low fee!

$50 for males
$70 for females
*This includes a free vaccine

If you are one of the first 50 callers, we will discount the price
an additional $15 AND give you a free microchip,
all compliments of Lake County Animal Services 501(c)3

Beginning 7/1/2014 all stray cats entering the shelter will be
altered, vaccinated, and released back to their neighborhoods.

Any cat too young to release, or any cat not wanted in the community,
may be left at the shelter for a fee of $15


Last Year 11/12
Adopted 340 Animals 9%
Transferred 457 Animals 12%
Redeemed 353 Animals 10%
AC Euthanized 2133 Animals (most cats) 58%
O/S Euthanized 375 Animals 10%
Other 28 Animals 1%

85% euthanasia rate on cats
64% overall euthanasia rate
Live return rate of 31% (animals returned to community)

This year 12/13
Adopted 457 Animals 11%
Transferred 344 Animals 8%
TNR cats 1002 23%
Redeemed 403 Animals 9%
AC Euthanized 1633 Animals (most cats) 38%
O/S Euthanized 461 Animals 11%
Other 22 Animals <1%

50% euthanasia rate on cats
42% overall euthanasia rate
Live return rate of 51% (animals returned to the community)



Wasson Animal Hospital 263-5380 or Clearlake
Veterinary Clinic 994-2563 can accept small injured widlife.

For poaching, or large injured wildlife issues, contact the
State Department of Fish and Wildlife at

Visit us on FACEBOOK "Lake County Animal Care & Control"


Now available to the public are microchips at a cost of only $15 each.  A microchip is a permanent form of identification for your pet.  It's a tiny electronic device, about the size of a grain of rice, that is placed below the animal's skin, usually between the shoulder blades, and can be detected by any veterinarian or animal shelter in the country.  Don't let your pet stay away from home any longer than necessary.  Get it chipped!  

Need to license your pet?
As of June 1, 2010 the County of Lake has parthered with Petdata, Inc. to make it easier for Lake County residents to license their animals. More info...

Living with Wildlife
One of the great joys of living in a rural area like Lake County id the abundance of wildlife. However, with that comes a whole set of issues we may need to deal with. Learn more...

It's Not Cool to Leave Your Pet in a Hot Car!
Warm weather can literally be a killer for a pet left in a hot car.  Did you know that on warm days, the inside of a car heats up very quickly? Learn more...

Dead Animal Disposal
It is a misdemeanor for anyone to place any dead animal (whether it belonged to him or not) within 100 feet of any street, pubic highway or road. (Penal Code 374d). Get contact information for proper disposal of dead animals.

Warm your heart! :-)


We recently celebrated Dirty Harry's 4th rebirth day, marking four years since i brought him home from the shelter.  Harry was a crazy, energetic, large pup when i got him.  A whopping 63 lbs. at 6 months old.  Harry grew to be a majestic 85 lbs of pure cuddly dog!  When i first brought Harry home, he knew nothing about being a dog.  That has rapidly changed, as our other dog quickly showed him the ropes.  He now enjoys long walks, playing ball, wrestling with his doggie brother, and running laps at the dog park.  Harry has also decided that despite his weight, he is a lap dog.  He really enjoys laying in my lap for a belly rub!

Since adopting Harry, we also welcomed my first child into our lives.  Harry adjusted splendidly!  He now has a little person who is willing to throw a ball, brush him, and dole out treats (and table scraps).  There's nothing more endearing than watching a massive dog take orders from a three year old.  It just goes to show how far a little time and a little love go!

I'm so glad we found such an amazing dog.  Thank you!