Marriage License



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Marriage Licenses for the Incarcerated

A Confidential Marriage License must be issued for couples whom have a spouse that is incarcerated. An Affidavit of Inability to Appear must be completed for the spouse that can cannot appear in front of the County Clerk. The signature of the party who is unable to physically appear must be authenticated by a court or a notary public. The affidavit must be executed under penalty of perjury by all parties (first person, second person, and the person solemnizing the marriage). The party that is not incarcerated needs to be physically present in our office with the person who will be solemnizing the marriage along with the completed License and Certificate of Marriage Worksheet (worksheet is located in the forms portion of this page), and the affidavit of inability to appear form.

The person performing the ceremony is to file this original record within 10 days of the ceremony with the County Clerk in the county in which the license was issued.

 Note: This record is held confidential and may not be viewed by the public.The   only information which may be released by the County Clerk upon inquiry is whether there is a record of the marriage; the Date may not be released without a court order.