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County of Lake Social Media

Any social media page that is not listed below, is not affiliated with the County of Lake in any way.

Official County of Lake Twitter Feeds

 County of Lake   @LakeCountyInfo   http://twitter.com/LakeCountyInfo
 KRT Konocti Regional Trails  @konoctitrails  https://twitter.com/konoctitrails
 OES  @LakeCountyOES  http://twitter.com/LakeCountyOES
 Solid Waste  @LakeCoSldWaste  http://twitter.com/LakeCoSldWaste
 Visit Lake County, CA  @LakeCountyCA https://twitter.com/LakeCountyCA

Official County of Lake Facebook Pages

 County of Lake, California https://www.facebook.com/LakeCountyCAgov 
 KRT Konocti Regional Trails  https://www.facebook.com/konoctitrails 
 Lake County Animal Care & Control https://www.facebook.com/L.C.AnimalControl 
 Lake County OES https://www.facebook.com/LakeCountyOES 
 Lake County Public Services, California https://www.facebook.com/LCPublicServices 
 Lake County Special Districts, California http://www.facebook.com/LakeCountySpecialDistricts 
 Lake County Prevention


 Lake County Water Resources http://www.facebook.com/LakeCountyWaterResources 
 Visit Lake County, California https://www.facebook.com/VisitLakeCountyCA