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Health Advisory for Flood Water around Lake County

Continued heavy rain has produced flood conditions around Clear Lake and other low-lying areas. Residents should be mindful of their proximity to the Lake and the flood conditions in their immediate area. DO NOT DRIVE or WALK through running or standing water.  

Flood waters may be contaminated from overflowing sewage systems. Your public sewer district is managing discharges and overflows with pumper trucks and other responses. Residents and businesses with private septic systems can also face overflow or backup situations. The septic tank may be surcharged with flood water and the leach field will not work well in saturated soil conditions.
Flood waters can contain unhealthy substances, potentially increasing transmission of communicable diseases. The following general precautions are advised:

1.    Reduce flow into your drains with strict water conservation measures.
2.    Avoid contact with flood waters.
3.    Wash your hands frequently.
4.    Disinfect or discard objects that have been in flood water.

Employ professional service for septic system repair and maintenance.
If your home or business is inundated, please contact the Lake County Community Development office at 707-263-2221 and Lake County Environmental Health at 707-263-1164 before re-occupying the structure.