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Great California ShakeOut on 10-17 at 10:17

GET READY NOW to PARTICIPATE in the GREAT CALIFORNIA SHAKEOUT on 10-17 at 10:17 (October 17 at 10:17 a.m.).  Check out the GREAT CALIFORNIA SHAKEOUT web site at http://www.shakeout.org/california/ to learn more about the drill and to register yourself or your organization.  If you haven’t already done so, I encourage you to register to demonstrate your support for personal and organizational preparedness efforts in California.
Take the time now to peruse the ShakeOut web site.  Registering is very easy – just click on the red “Register Here!” tab and answer a few questions.  First, register for your family at home, and, second, make sure your workplace or organization is registered.
The web site also has a lot of great resources to assist your ShakeOut participation.  Just click on the “Resources” tab to access that information which will greatly help your involvement in the ShakeOut.
The “Who is Participating?” tab is very interesting in that it shows statewide and local participant entities and participation numbers (see Lake County’s current numbers at:  http://shakeout.org/california/participants.php?start=lake).  Don’t let your organization be left out of the listed participating entities – all area local, state, tribal, federal, and non-governmental entities should be on the list.  Take the time to register now – it is a very easy and quick process.
Please share information about the ShakeOut with others and encourage participation through whatever pathways you have available.  Most importantly, REGISTER NOW and PARTICIPATE in the ShakeOut on 10-17 at 10:17am.