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Invasive Mussel Prevention Program Modifications Made

Boat inspection stickers still required

Lake County officials suspended the use of a new test that recently had been instituted as part of the process for resident boaters to obtain their annual mussel stickers. Input from participating boat screeners and community members indicated that further development of the new test would be necessary to achieve the test’s intended goal, which was to further increase awareness of the importance of invasive mussel prevention in the protection of the water bodies of Lake County. Resident boaters of Lake County still are required to complete a screening form to obtain their annual inspection stickers; however, a test is no longer required.

Educational outreach is critical, so all Lake County residents are encouraged to become ambassadors for the Lake County Invasive Mussel Prevention Program by learning how to protect area lakes from invasive Quagga and Zebra mussels and by sharing that information with others. These tiny invasive mussels and their microscopic larvae can be spread unknowingly from one water body to another on boats and equipment with devastating effects to lakes, boats, docks, water intake equipment, fisheries, and beaches. Just a few simple steps can prevent the spread and keep Lake County waters mussel-free – clean, drain, and dry all boats and equipment after exiting any water body.

For more information about preventing the spread, visit www.nomussels.com or contact the Lake County Department of Water Resources at (707) 263-2344.