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Storm Relief and Green Waste Disposal

Jill Ruzicka, PIO (707) 263-2580

LAKE COUNTY, CA — Opportunities for disposing storm debris will be available in the North Shore Area until December 8, 2013.  It is very important that the debris be disposed of according to these following guidelines.

Green Waste from Downed Trees:

Residents may drop off green waste at the parking lots of Upper Lake Park, Lucerne Harbor Park, and the parking lot across from Keeling Park. 

There is no cost to drop off storm-related green waste at these sites.  Park crews will chip the green waste for reuse in the local area parks. 

The disposal of any other types of waste at these sites is considered illegal dumping, which may be punishable by a citation and fines. Please limit your disposal to storm-related green waste at these sites.

These sites are scheduled to accept green waste through Sunday, December 8, 2013, after which time the normal green waste disposal options and costs will resume at the Lakeport Transfer Station, Eastlake Landfill, and Quakenbush. 

For Clearlake residents, the City of Clearlake has storm-related green waste drop-off at its corporate yard at Airport Road off of Old Hwy 53 until mid January, 2014.

The City of Clearlake’s website states, “Only tree and brush debris will be accepted and only in the designated area. Dumping of garbage, tires, scrap metal, hazardous materials or other waste will result in the city having to discontinue the service.”

Other Storm Debris:

A dumpster is provided at Nice Fire Station for other storm-related debris (not green waste).

Other storm debris may be taken to the Eastlake Landfill or the Lakeport Transfer Station where separate dumpsters are designated for storm debris.  There is no cost to residents for disposal of storm debris in these dumpsters.

This free program will continue through Sunday, December 8.

Household Garbage, Appliances, Tires or Household Hazardous Waste

No household garbage, appliances, tires, or household hazardous waste will be accepted at any of the Northshore drop-off sites. 

There are many no- or low-cost opportunities for disposal of these materials through ongoing County programs which include:

• A curbside bulky item pickup for residential curbside customers that allows up to two large items to be picked up per year.  Call your hauler for information and to schedule a pickup date.

• Appliances can be delivered at no cost to either the Lakeport Transfer Station or to the recycling yard at the entrance to the landfill near Clearlake.

• Electronics can always be disposed at no cost at the landfill recycling yard or the Lakeport Transfer Station on Soda Bay Road.

• There is currently a tire amnesty program running that allows residents to deliver up to nine passenger or small truck tires at no cost. Residents should be prepared to show proof of residency. No commercial or large tires accepted.

• The County’s next Hazmobile event is scheduled Friday and Saturday, December 20 and 21 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Kelseyville Lumber.

For more information, check the County’s website at www.recycling.co.lake.ca.us or call the County’s Solid Waste Hotline at 263-1980.


Please contact Jill Ruzicka, Lake County Public Information Officer, (707) 263-2580 office, or by email at Jill.Ruzicka@lakecountyca.gov for additional information.