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Lake County Mussel Stickers Required

LAKE COUNTY, CA —A Lake County mussel sticker is still required for all boats on Clear Lake. This year, boat owners were also required to pay an additional fee to the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) on their vessel registration, and have received a state-issued mussel sticker.  The state-issued mussel sticker is not the same as the Lake County mussel sticker.  Both stickers are required for all boats on Clear Lake.

The Lake County mussel stickers can be purchased at a variety of screening locations around the lake and the cost is $10.  A list of those locations can be found at www.nomussels.com. A downloadable mussel screening application is also available on the website.

Remember, any boat on Clear Lake not displaying the Lake County mussel sticker will be cited, even if it is displaying the state-issued sticker.