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Media Releases

Clear Lake Closed to Motorized Boats

LAKE COUNTY, Calif. (February 14, 2017) – Boaters and residents on Clear Lake need to be aware due to the continued high water levels and potential for damage to shoreline properties, the Board of Supervisors today approved an Urgency Ordinance immediately closing the lake to all motorized vessels and other motorized vehicles except for the Lake County Sheriff and California Department of Fish and Wildlife. The temporary closure will remain in place for no more than 60 days or until the Board takes further action. Kayaks, paddled craft and wind-powered vessels may continue to utilize the lake.

The public will be notified when the boating restriction is lifted.

For more information contact the Sheriff’s Department at (707) 262-4200 or Water Resources Department at (707) 263-2344.


In response to the very high water levels in Clear Lake, the Board of Supervisors closed the lake to motorized vessels and other vehicles. This action was deemed necessary because boaters were not observing the stipulated no wake areas extending a half mile from shore and were operating at greater than no wake speed close to shore. This created wake waves that overtopped sandbags and potentially causing property damage.

This closure may be in effect for no longer than 60 days, but may be less than that if the Board determines the lake level has dropped to a point such that shoreline properties are no longer threatened by boating activity. 

Emergency boat rescue or salvage operations should be coordinated with the Sheriff’s department.