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Illegal Activities & Water Quality

Examples of negative water impacts:

  • Improper disposal/ dumping of automotive fluids
  • Removal of tules and riparian vegetation
               (video link)
  • Dumping of resturant and houshold grease/ fats and/or mop and cleaning water 
  • Illegal grading and clearing: Disturbed soil runs into tributaries clogging waterways after rain/ storm events impacting fish habitat
  • Recreational soil disturbance (Off  Road/Highway Vehicles, ATVs)
  • Unmaintained/ failing construction site procedures
  • Stockpiling/dumping unwanted pears, grapes or organics near a creek/ water way
  • Piles of manure allowed or placed near creeks and water ways
  • Garbage dumped near a creek
  • Concrete dumped in or near creeks or waterways
  • Misuse or misapplication of chemicals (herbicides, paint, solvents, fertilizers)
  • Large and small dead animals near or in waterways
  • Sewage spills or discharge near or to waterways
  • Fires and the resulting cleanup
  • Illegal Marijuana grow sites
  • Re-routing water with illegal dams and siphons

See noticeable changes in water quality? File the Complaint Form in the left column.

Illegal Marijuana cultivation results in residue from garbage and chemicals that flow into the tributaries and waterways of Lake County with rain/ storm events.