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Clean Water Program

The Lake County Clean Water Program (LCCWP) Stormwater Program is a joint effort between the County of Lake, City of Clearlake and the City of Lakeport  to reduce the damage caused by polluted stormwater runoff and impacts of increases in peak flows from development.

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 Buckingham   Creek Solids
Lake County's lakes, streams, rivers, forests and farms all depend on the replenishing waters of annual precipitation. However, when rain falls on land or impervious areas such as paved streets, parking lots and building roof tops it results in increased peak flows that can wash away soil and sediment, increase stream erosion and cause flooding. Stormwater runoff can change both water quantity and quality affecting our water resources physically, chemically and biologically. Polluted runoff containing oil, grease, chemicals, nutrients, lawn clippings and other yard debris, metals, litter and pathogens for example, can severely reduce water quality. If left unmanaged, runoff stresses our streams, provides extra nutrients for nuisance aquatic weeds and algae blooms, and degrades the beneficial uses of the waters we all enjoy. 

Protect Water Quality and Limit Impacts

The following link features video examples of methods to protect water quality and limit impacts on various waters around California. Our State Water Resources Control Board is the sponsor. The videos can greatly assist in public education and outreach.
Water Resources Control Board Videos 

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The tool bar to the left features requirements, excellent links, detailed information, resources, and helpful tips to help everyone maintain clean water in the County of Lake.



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This file last updated on November 2, 2010