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Lakebed Encroachment

In 1973 the State of California enacted legislation which conveyed in trust to the County of Lake the submerged lands of Clear Lake for the furtherance of navigation, commerce, fishery, recreation and wherever possible and appropriate preservation of the land and waters in their natural state. The County enacted the Clear Lake Shoreline Ordinance, Chapter 23 of the Lake County Code, establishing a permitting process and minimum standards for the construction, alteration, removal and maintenance of structures or other prescribed activities in the nearshore (lakeward of the low water mark) and foreshore (0.00 to 7.79 Rumsey) of the lake.

When is a permit required?

An Administrative Encroachment Permit is required from Lakebed Management for any of the following:
  1. Any retaining wall, buoy or construction, addition or alternation of a marine structure lakeward of the high water mark (7.79 on the Rumsey Scale) in Clear Lake.
  2. Filling or dredging
  3. Constructing or placing in the lake any cable, pipeline or subaqueous conduit.
  4. Any use, operation, or activity with a significant impact on the public trust purposes of commerce, navigation, recreation and fisheries.
  5. Beach clearing- disturbance of vegetation from 7.79 ft. Rumsey to the waters edge.


Due to the constraints imposed by the State Lands Trust and the Shoreline Ordinance the following steps are required:
  1. Contact Chris White, Water Resources Technician, to set up an appointment to discuss your proposed project. He can be reached at 707-263-2344 or by E-Mail at chris.white@lakecountyca.gov. The initial discussion can take place by phone, e-mail or in person at the Water Resources Department, Room 309, 255 North Forbes St, Lakeport, California.
  2. Have the following information available:
    • Property Owner
    • Assessor Parcel Number
    • Physical Address of Property
    • Phone #
    • Type of proposed project i.e. docks, pier, new/repair etc.
  3. During the initial project discussion you will be advised of the following:
    • If the proposed project is allowable under the Shoreline Ordinance.
    • Construction Requirements
    • Application process

Aquatic Plants

Lakebed Management also enforces Chapter 26 of the Lake County Code, which implements the Clear Lake Integrated Aquatic Plant Management Program.  Control or removal of aquatic plants in Clear Lake requires an Aquatic Plant Management Permit.

January 10, 2011