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Integrated Regional Water Mgmt Plan

Water resources management in California is complicated, especially since watersheds, floodplains, and habitat areas do not conform to city, county, or agency boundaries. Regional partnerships are needed to identify and take action on shared challenges and opportunities related to water supply reliability, water quality, flood management, and ecosystem health, among others. Working together and leveraging resources will lead to more effective, affordable, and sustainable water resources management at local and regional levels.

With this in mind, a group of public agencies spanning five counties - Yolo, Colusa, Lake, Solano, and Napa - are partnering to identify and address regional water resources opportunities and challenges for the areas within the Cache Creek and Putah Creek watersheds. Some of the key water sources within the planning area include Clear Lake, Lake Berryessa, Indian Valley Reservoir, Putah Creek, and Cache Creek.

For information on this planning effort, go to http://www.westsideirwm.com/ .

Other important information is available here:

Lake County Groundwater Management Plan

National Water Resources Reseach Institute Water 2010 White Paper

To promote the cooperation needed to achieve the Westside IRWM Plan goals, Lake County water resources stakeholders are invited to participate in the Clear Lake Stakeholder Discussion Forum. The Clear Lake Stakeholder Discussion Forum is designed to allow a diverse group of community interests, City/County/State/Federal government, Tribal government, business, and others to convene and to share educational information, provide input, and engage in a proactive dialogue. The Forum’s goal is to enhance communication, coordination, and collaboration on important Clear Lake water quality and related environmental issues.  The Agenda for the June 23, 2014 meeting is available here.  Meeting notes are available here.

July 3, 2014