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Water Conservation Tips

Water conservation helps our communities save money and extend our water supplies. Households and businesses can reduce their own costs and help preserve the environment by using water as efficiently as possible. The following links provide tips for taking action:

Store Emergency Drinking Water at Home

In the event of an earthquake or other disaster, normal water delivery to your home or business may be disrupted for several days. Here are a few simple tips to better prepare for an unexpected interruption in water service:

  • The general rule for adequate emergency water supply for drinking and food preparation is One (1) gallon per person per day. Store potable water in clean, airtight containers in a dark, cool place. You should include additional water storage for pets and bathing/hygiene.
  • Store enough water for a minimum of three to five days for each member of your household , including pets.
  • Label each container with a date and replace potable water every six months. Pre-packaged bottled water should be replaced once a year.
  • If you have concerns about your water quality, at the time of usage add 16 drops of bleach to each gallon of water. Use pure household bleach only (not products with scents or other additives). Mix and allow to stand for 30 minutes to help insure disinfection.
  • In the event you run out of stored drinking water, you can strain water from your water heater. To strain, pour it through a clean cloth or layers of paper towels. Treat (disinfect) with household bleach as directed above.

Water Conservation Ordinance

On July 11, 1995, the District’s first Water Conservation Ordinance was adopted to reduce water use and consequently the volume of sewage to be treated and disposed of at the Southeast and Northwest Treatment plants.

The ordinance requires retrofits prior to the close of escrow of a re-sale such that all toilet fixtures and shower heads be replaced with low-flush, low-flow devices. These retrofits are also required on remodels involving a 25% of floor space increase.

Since originally adopted in 1995, additional Ordinances have been adopted so now ALL property owners served by sewer systems maintained by the District are subject to this Water Conservation Ordinance.

Water Conservation Retrofit Program

In February of 2006, Lake County Special Districts implemented a Water Conservation Retrofit Program. The program is funded with a portion of Capacity Mitigation funds, which are collected as new development projects (greater than 4-units) are approved.  Free low flow fixtures become available from time to time to existing customers and accounts in need of low flow fixtures as funding becomes available.

The initial kick-off and installation of low flow fixtures started in the Spring of 2007 with the support and funding through a SDF Grant from the Konocti Vista Casino and the Big Valley Rancheria. 

Details on the Water Conservation Retrofit Program are being developed and more information will become available soon.

Always remember that Low Flow is the way to go !

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