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Paying Your Water Bill

Things to Remember...


v  Water bills are mailed out to customers every 2 months after the 15th.

    v  Payment is due by the 15th of the following month.  Payment
              can be made in person (cash, money order or check VISA and
              other credit cards ******Kiosk******),by  mail (check, money
              order). VISA and other credit cards are accepted by calling    
              1-844-508-3523 or visit the website below.



v  If your water bill payment hasn’t been received by the due date, a Late Fee is added to your water bill and a Reminder Notice will be mailed to you.

v  The Water Service Reminder Notice will also include a deadline date to pay your bill to avoid having your water service turned off.

v  If your water bill payment hasn’t been received by 5:00 pm on the day prior to the deadline date or payment arrangement has not been made by 8:30 am the day of shutoff, your water service will be turned off and locked off, and an additional Shut Off Fee will be added to your water bill.

v  Your water service will not be turned on until payment in full (bill amount plus shut off fee) is received. Unless prior arrangements have been made.

v  If a customer is unable to pay their water bill by the due date, they can call our office during normal business hours and ask for a “promise to pay” which will be accepted in most cases.

v  If the customer doesn’t keep their “promise to pay”, water service will be locked off with additional shutoff fee without further notice, and this option becomes unavailable in the future.

v  For those customers who use on-line banking to pay their bills, PLEASE NOTE:

    Special Districts Administration staff suggests to avoid late fees and possible water service disconnections, start your on-line banking payment process as soon as you receive your bill. Many customers have waited too long, and by the time payment is received, their account has been charged an additional late fee.  Please include your account number with payment.


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