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Commercial Requirements

Commercial Backflow Valves

Lake County’s commercial water customers are required to install a backflow prevention device at the service connection or at a location approved by the Utility Superintendent.

All backflow prevention assemblies for commercial applications shall be of the Reduced Pressure Type.

Additional backflow prevention devices are required on certain food/beverage equipment to protect customers and employees from cross-contamination.

  • Lake County Special Districts requires annual testing of all backflow prevention assemblies.
  • Lake County Special Districts will notify commercial customers annually by mail of this requirement.
  • Test results will be sent to the District by the certified technician.

All fire line connections are required to install at minimum a Double Detector Check Assembly (DDC), and annual tests on dedicated fire protection systems are required to be performed by a licensed contractor that meets state requirements for fire protection systems.

Help ensure the public drinking water supply remains safe.

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