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Backflow Prevention

Preventing Backflow – It Just Makes Good Sense



Wastewater collection systems are dynamic and are in continuous operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. Sometimes sewer backups occasionally occur from infrastructure problems, grease or debris blockages, high water, etc. Homes and businesses constructed in a manner where plumbing fixtures are located less than one (1) foot above the rim elevation of the upstream manhole or rod hole in the reach of main sewer into which the side sewer connects can experience backflow (raw sewage entering your home or business) first hand during sewer backups, if they are not prepared.


In order to prevent Backflow from happening in these instances, Lake County has adopted an Ordinance (Section 408, Sewer Use Ordinance) requiring the installation and maintenance of backflow prevention devices. If your home or business’ plumbing fixtures are located at an elevation of less than 12 inches above the sewer system, you are required to install a backflow prevention device to protect yourself and your property. The backflow device must be of an approved type and installed and maintained in the manner prescribed by the Administrator and the Plumbing Code.


Any such backflow device should be installed by a licensed plumbing contractor at the sole cost and expense of the applicant. The maintenance of the backflow device shall also be the sole obligation of the owner. The District shall be under no obligation to ascertain that the backflow device continues in operating condition. (Ord. No. 871,2-2-76)


If you have any questions on Backflow or the Ordinance, please feel free to contact the Lake County Special Districts Administration at (707) 263-0119. One of our Customer Service Specialists will be glad to assist you.