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CalWORKs and OPA

There are numerous programs that make up the CalWORKs/Other Program Assistance (OPA) division of LCDSS; services provided by these programs can include monetary assistance, assistance with food and medical coverage.  Families or individuals in need of
services must complete and submit an application.  Staff reviews the application during a face-to-face interview, assists the applicant in determining what services are needed through LCDSS and provides information on additional services available through community based agencies.  Staff also makes the determination if the applicant meets emergency assistance criteria.  Except for emergency situations, applicants must provide proof that they meet the specific income and eligibility requirements linked to the program(s) applied for before assistance can be granted.  The CalWORKs /OPA Staff Services Analysts provide staff training policy interpretation and represent the County for fair hearings.  The Senior Staff Services Analyst oversees all related Memorandums of Agreement and contracts.