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Reception Services

Reception staff is the first point of contact for all clients coming into LCDSS facilities.  Additionally, reception staff are responsible for maintenance of file storage, file retrieval, preparation of new case files, routing phone calls, copier maintenance, assistance with operation of Telecommunication Device for the Deaf (TTY), and operation of the Statewide Fingerprint Imaging System (SFIS) program and Live Scan equipment.  Staff also periodically purges closed files in storage. 

Other responsibilities vary depending on office location.  Staff working in the Children’s Services office process Health and Education passports; proof, track, and file court reports and notices; and track and process foster care placements.  Staff working in the Adult Services office input IHSS provider payroll information into the Case Management Information and Payroll System (CMIPS) and input contracts for new IHSS providers.  Staff working with Eligibility Services receives applications for program assistance, verify information on the application, schedule intake interviews and distribute mail-in applications to intake staff.

Additional Reception duties:

1. Forms room maintenance which includes the updating of forms and preparing of packets
2. General Relief Clerical duties
3. Mail-in an application, which includes the processing of the BONTA list
4. Phone-in applications
5. Processing of the Sherwood Valley Food List and Deceased List on a monthly basis
6. Processing of the DDSD Determination Letters on a daily basis, and the preparation of the weekly report
7. Mail out requested Applications
8. Team Caseload 226 phone coverage
9. Maintain the 226 case bank
10. Screen Applications and schedule Intake appointments for OPA and CalWORKs
11. Distribute mail to Eligibility twice daily
12. Clean interview booths and maintain paper shredders