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Private Road Maintenance

Who is responsible for maintenance of the road that serves my property?

Roads in Lake County can have a variety of entities responsible.
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Will the County take my road into the County maintained road system?

The County maintained road system consists of approximately 610 miles of County roads.
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What is the least expensive way that I can get my private road maintenance done?

The least expensive way that privately maintained roads can be kept up is for the property owners served by the road to contribute their fair share to the annual maintenance of the road.
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Is there any way that the County can help with my road maintenance?

Yes, two ways.
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What are the advantages of forming a Zone of Benefit or Permanent Road Division?

One advantage would be that your road would be maintained on a regular, scheduled basis
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Are there any disadvantages to forming a Zone of Benefit or Permanent Road Division?

The single disadvantage is an increase in cost. Under the Zone of Benefit or Permanent Road Division program, a portion of the road maintenance assessment or special tax is used to pay County staff for the administration of the Zone or Division.
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Are assessments or special taxes collected on the tax role for Zone of Benefit or Permanent Road Division services tax-deductible?

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Who can I ask for further assistance?

The staff of the Public Works Department is happy to help.
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