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Research Databases

The library subscribes to the on-line Ebsco databases that patrons can access with their barcoded Lake County Library cards.

Ebsco Host Research Databases

Search here for medical, business or general research topics, across 2,000 magazines and newspapers. Includes: Health Source Plus, Business Source Elite, Newspaper Source, several Medical reference databases, and MasterFile Premier, the all-subject database.  Also contains a nice set of files for children - and the Searchasaurus search guide. 

Ebsco Auto Repair Reference Center
For car repair, see the Auto Repair Reference Center. 

Legal Information

The Lake County Law Library in Lakeport has LexisNexis available in its office.
The Law Library subscribes to Ebsco's Legal Information Reference Center.

New Reference Links Pages Coming

The Lake County Library is expanding the reference section of the library's website with links to websites about history, geography and maps; science, health and technology; art and architecture; libraries, museums and archives; business, careers and investing; government information; legal information; intellectual property; news and current events; and real-time information.

Other interesting and useful online databases

These sites are open to anyone.
Google Scholar -- search in a variety of scholarly journals
Internet Movie Database -- information about movies and television
Internet Broadway Database -- information about Broadway theater
White Pages.com -- telephone number and address searches
Mapquest -- search maps
Google Maps -- search maps
Zip Codes -- find zip codes
Dictionary -- find words, spellings, defintions, thesarus and more
Acronym Finder
American Sign Language Browser
Cambridge Dictionaries Online
Lexical FreeNet
Toucan Valley California Social Studies Fact Cards