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Mobile Device Survey

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Which of the following mobile devices do you use to browse the internet? (check all that apply)
Feature PhoneSmartphone/BlackberryPDA
iPod/iPad/Tablet PC/eBook ReaderOther
Which County websites do you access from a mobile device? (check all that apply)
How often do you access a County website from a mobile device?
Daily2-3 times a weekOnce a week
Once a monthLess than once a month
What information are you looking for when you visit a County website from your mobile device?
In thinking about your experience with browsing the County website(s) from your mobile device, how satisfied are you with that experience?
Very satisfiedSatisfiedNeutral
UnsatisfiedVery unsatisfied
If you indicated you were unsatisfied with your mobile browsing experience of the County website(s), please briefly describe why.
Compared to other websites you access from your mobile device, would you say the County website is...
Much betterSomewhat betterAbout the same
Somewhat worseMuch worse
When a mobile format version of a website is available, which do you prefer viewing on your mobile device?
Mobile site, formatted for viewing on mobile deviceFull site, formatted for viewing on desktop computer
How likely would you be to view a mobile version of the County website(s), if it were available?
Very likelySomewhat likelyNot likely
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