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GIS / Mapping

Welcome to the updated Lake County Geographical Information System (GIS) Portal. Please take some time to look around. Our site now includes both locally hosted applications as well as links to applications running on ESRI’s new GIS site, arcgis.com where you can browse existing maps or build your own custom maps. 

New Maps for Mobile Devices

This new parcel lookup/viewer application will work on desktop as well as most mobile devices, including iOS.  It runs in your browser, no Flash required.

Please keep in mind that this is a brand new application – both to Lake County and to the developer, ESRI.   It is a work-in-progress.  Currently, custom options are very limited, but as ESRI makes improvements on their end, we will update the application on ours.

  • Click the “APN” tool at the top to search for an 8-digit parcel number
  • Tap on any parcel to identify it
  • “Print” tool creates a PDF that you can open in a new browser window.
GIS Portal Beta

Lake County Map Viewer  - requires Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash can be downloaded at no cost from the Adobe web site. Please note, the "Free! Google Toolbar" is not required to run Map Viewer, and can be deselected before downloading Adobe Flash.

**NOTE: The Map Viewer applications depend heavily on the browser cache.   If you are having problems getting the maps to load, try clearing your cache (Tools – Options).

Map Viewer Previous Versions:

Map Viewer v3.1

Map Viewer v2.4

Viewer Help

Any comments can be sent to Lon.Sharp@lakecountyca.gov or webmaster@lakecountyca.gov. Remember, if we do not hear from you – the user – then we cannot make the site work the way you want it to.   Also remember that there are limitations to the software; not every change request we receive can be incorporated into the site.

Recent changes:
  • Zoning Ordinance link added to Zoning layer July 3, 2014
  • Parcel Labels layer added April 29, 2013. v3.1
  • Enhanced "search" & parcel selection tools added april 4, 2013. See Viewer Help for instructions. v3.1
  • Enhanced "Draw & Measure" tool added April 1, 2013. Save, send and load graphics as a text file. v3.1
  • Bookmark tool added April 1, 2013 v3.1
  • Viewer updated to version 3.1 March 11, 2013
  • FEMA Flood Zones added March 1, 2012 v2.4 & v3.1
  • Bing Maps Hybrid added Jan 13, 2012 v2.4
  • National Geographic base map added Jan 6, 2012 v2.4 & v3.1
  • Point Buffer tool added Oct 31, 2011  v2.4
  • Google Street-View tool added Sept 27, 2011 v2.4
  • Elevation profile tool added Aug 25, 2011 v2.4
  • Export to JPEG added August 25, 2011 v2.4 &v3.1

ArcGIS Explorer Online 

ArcGIS Online

iOS and Android apps (search for "ArcGIS)

Lake County data can also be viewed on any of these ESRI applications. Just enter a search string like “lake county ca” into the search window to browse our available maps, or search for other maps of interest such as “geology” or “demographics”.   

You can use your own data, such as address files (.csv) or GPS data (.gpx), to create your own custom maps and use them with your smartphone/tablet, embed them into a website or build your own version of a map viewer.   You are also welcome to use any of the Lake County map services listed at http://gispublic.co.lake.ca.us:6080/arcgis/rest/services

Note that you will need to create a free ESRI global account in order to create and save maps.

Download ArcGIS Explorer
Be sure to check the system requirements. You can then download Lake County GIS layers from our FTP site and create your own custom maps.

If you want to be able to search for parcel numbers or other local data, you must also download and install the Find Features add-in from the FTP site.  
For FTP access to download GIS data, send email to Lon.Sharp@lakecountyca.gov.

Google Earth
KML/KMZ files which can be imported into Google Earth are available for download from the FTP site.

GIS Disclaimer

The information displayed on this site should be considered an Advisory Tool Only, to be used for land use planning, education, general hazard awareness and general information. The parcel boundaries shown are an attempt to create a seamless county-wide layer and therefore do not necessarily represent a parcel boundary as reflected in a legal description. Discrepancies in parcel acreage, shape and location are common. The information given is not the legal document to be used in single site determinations. To obtain a legal description of a parcel, please consult your deed or contact the Lake County Assessor/Recorder at (707) 263-2302. For detailed, site specific information on flood hazards, please contact the Lake County Water Resources Division at (707) 263-2344 (email Tom.Smythe@lakecountyca.gov). For detailed, site specific land use information, please contact the Lake County Planning Division at (707) 263-2221.

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