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Extra Help Jobs


Positions listed on this page are Extra Help (temporary) classifications that are limited to no more than 900 hours per year.  Extra Help employees are paid only for hours worked, are not entitled to benefits, and do not have status.  Generally, Extra Help assignments are limited to no more than 25 hours per week.  PLEASE NOTE: Due to pension reform laws, there are certain restrictions that apply to public retirees who want to work extra help.


The County of Lake is currently seeking applicants for the positions listed on this page, however, this may not include all extra help positions that are currently available.  If you are interested in working extra help for a department or in a position that is not listed on this page you may contact the department directly to find out if they are hiring, or submit a general extra help application to the Human Resources Office.


Extra Help applications are kept on file at the Human Resources Office for 90 days.  Applicants are not guaranteed an interview.  The Human Resources Office will not notify applicants when their applications have expired.

Extra Help Application and Information

Current Extra Help Positions:

Extra Help Deputy Sheriff I-II - Bailiff
Extra Help Janitor (Public Services Department)
Extra Help Client Support Assistant I/II
Extra Help Cook
Extra Help Emergency Services Assistant/Emergency Services Coordinator
Extra Help Quagga Mussel Monitor
Extra Help Quagga Mussel Monitor Coordinator