Employment Benefits

Lake County is located in Northern California and is bordered by the counties of Mendocino, Glenn, Colusa, Yolo, Sonoma, and Napa.  Driving distance is about 110 miles north from San Francisco and 110 miles west from Sacramento.

With Clear Lake, California's largest natural freshwater lake, at its center and Mount Konocti and the Konocti Hills providing a stunning backdrop, Lake County offers spectacular scenic beauty and unsurpassed recreational opportunities.

Residents and visitors of Lake County enjoy the clean air, national forests, state parks, local parks, museums, wineries, resorts, and golf courses. The region is rich with historical, cultural and recreational opportunities. Lake County also has good schools, including modern community colleges.


80 hours per year during the first five years of service, 120 hours per year after five years, and additional accruals based on years of service beyond fifteen years. Pro-rated for part-time employees. Management employees accrue vacation at a different rate. New employees who worked for another county or city immediately prior to employment with the County of Lake may be eligible to add those years of service for vacation accrual purposes.


An average of twelve paid 8-hour holidays per year. Pro-rated for part-time employees.

Sick Leave

Accrues at a rate of 96 hours per year. Pro-rated for part-time employees.

Health and Insurance Benefits

Medical, dental, hospital, vision, life and coverage is available to employees and their dependents. The County contributes $800 of the monthly premiums for the insurance plan options.


County employees are members of the State-wide Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS) which provides generous retirement benefits. CalPERS provides a defined benefit pension at retirement for County employees.  The pension formulas and employee contribution amounts may vary by bargaining unit, date of hire, prior qualifying service, and classification.  Please contact Human Resources for more information.


Lake County has an adopted salary schedule. The salary range for most classifications is in five increments with a provision for longevity increases. Appointments are normally made at the first step of the salary range.

Social Security

County employees participate in Social Security.

California State Disability Insurance

SDI is available to some County employees.

Deferred Compensation Plan and Credit Union Membership are available to County employees.

Management Employees

Management Employees accrue vacation at a different rate and also receive 40 hours per fiscal year of Administrative Leave


As members of the County of Lake Emergency Services Organization, all Lake County employees are designated as Disaster Service Workers during a proclaimed emergency and may be required to perform certain emergency services at the direction of their supervisor.