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Documents & Forms

This page only contains commonly used forms and documents. 

For a complete list of forms and documents for each program, go to the Programs menu and choose the appropriate program.

Documents & Forms
General Application
Land Program Refund Policy
Refund Request Form
Realtor Information Request Fax Form
Complaint Investigation Form
Environmental Health Contact List
Food Safety
Application: Food Facility Permit (Renewal,Change of Ownership, New Facility)
Application: Food Facility Plan Check
Application: Site Assessment
Application: Temporary Food Event Sponsor Permit
Application: Temporary Food Event Vendor Permit
Approved Food Sources
Bacteria That Causes Foodborne Illness
Best Management Practices for Commercial Food Facilities
California Food Handler Card Guidelines
California Retail Food Code
California Retail Food Code Regarding Certified Farmers Markets
California Retail Food Code Regarding NonProfit Charitable Temporary Food Events
California Retail Food Code Regarding Signage at Temporary Food Events
California Retail Food Code Regarding Temporary Food Facilities
Certified Food Handler Information Letter
Cottage Food Operator Frequently Asked Questions:California Homemade Food Act - AB1616
Fat Free Sewers Brochure
Food Safety at Temporary Events Pamphlet
Food Safety Certification Test Locations
Foodborne Illness & How to Keep From Getting Sick
Guidelines for Food Safety During Temporary Power Outages
Important Notice to Owners and Operators
List of Agencies Involved in Permit Process
Mobile Food Facility Commissary Agreement
Mobile Food Facility Vehicle Data Sheet
No Bare Hand Contact with RTE Foods
No Bare Hand Contact with RTE Foods Spanish
Rendering Service Providers for Lake County for Recycling
Retail Food Facility Plan Check Guide
This is What Happens When a Fly Lands on Your Food
Veteran's Fee Exemption
Washing Dishes, Pots, Pans and Utensils Manually
Land Development
Aerobic Treatment Units Certifications to Install/Service/Sell
Aerobic Treatment Units: An Alternative to Septic Systems
Alteration Permit Guide for Septic Systems
Authorization Notice Guide for Septic Systems
Contaminated Wells
Guide for Existing System Evaluation
Homeowner's Guide to Septic Systems
Homeowner's Guide to Septic Systems Spanish Version
List of Contractors
Maintaining Your Septic System
Minimum Separation Distances
On-site Sewage Disposal LCR Rule Book
Parcel and Test Pit Preparation
Procedures for Installing a Septic System
Repair Permit Guide for Septic Systems
Site Evaluation Guide for Septic Systems
Well Permit Application Package
Pool & Spa
New Application for Permit to Operate Public Pool
Renewal Application to Operate Public Pool or Spa
Pool Construction Application
Spa Construction Application
California Public Pool and Spa Safety Act - AB 1020
AB 1020 Compliance Form
Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act Summary
Recreational Water Illnesses
Seven Tips For Safer Swimming
Hazardous Materials (CUPA)
(CUPA) Underground Storage Tank Program Forms
CERS Certification Requirements Friendly Reminder
Body Art
Tattoo, Body Piercing & Permanent Cosmetics Registration Form
State Small Water
State Small Water Application & Plan Check
State Small Water Permit Requirements
Water Testing
Water Sample Instructions
Mold Fact Sheet
Service Animals
Americans With Disabilities Act Business Brief - Service Animals
Commonly Asked Questions About Service Animals
Service Animals - ADA 2010 Revised Requirements