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Food Safety

Environmental Health personnel issue permits and conduct inspections for all retail food operations in Lake County. Inspectors routinely attend community events where food is sold to the public to ensure that vendors are adhering to minimum food safety standards. Inspectors investigate food-borne outbreaks and public complaints. Personnel provide new construction/remodel plan reviews in accordance with Cal Code (California Retail Food Code).

Commercial Kitchen

Food Facility Inspections
Food Facility Inspection Results (by name)
Food Facility Inspection Results (by location)
Understanding Food Facility Inspection Results
Food Facility Violation Codes

Food Facility Applications
Food Facility Permit Application
Food Facility Plan Check Application
Site Assessment Application
Veteran's Fee Exemption Application

Plan Check Guidelines

Retail Food Facility Plan Check Guide

Plan Check Process
Food Facility Checklist
Hourly Hot Water Demand Table
Sample Floor Plan
Sample Equipment Schedule
Finish Schedule
Floor Materials Acceptable for Food Facilities
List of Agencies Involved in the Permit Process

Grease Traps & Interceptors
Chapter 10: Traps & Interceptors, 2016 California Plumbing Code
Basic Principles for Sizing Grease Interceptors
Special Districts Grease Interceptor Ordinance
​Best Management Practices for Commerical Food Facilities
Rendering Service Providers for Lake County for Recycling
Fat Free Sewer Brochure

Guidelines & Information
Food Inspection Form
Important Notice to Owners & Operators
Approved Food Sources
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Five Risk Factors

Bacteria That Causes Foodborne Illness
Foodborne Illness & How to Keep From Getting Sick
Least Wanted Foodborne Pathogens
Proper Food Storage in Refrigerators and Freezers
Guidelines for Food Safety During Temporary Power Outages
Guidelines for Water Safety During Temporary Power Outages
Food Equipment Temperature Log
Thermometer Calibration Log Sheet
Be Safe, Don't Cross Contaminate
Washing Dishes, Pots, Pans and Utensils Manually
This is What Happens When a Fly Lands on Your Food
Buzz on Flies
Food Labels. Information for California Food Processors

Cal-Code Water Systems
Cal-Code Water System Requirements - Food Facilities w/ Private Water Wells

Temporary Food Events
Temporary Food Event Application
Temporary Food Event Sponsor Permit
New Fee Ordinance for Temporary Food Events
Temporary Food Service Guide English version
Temporary Food Service Guide Spanish version
California Retail Food Code Regarding Temporary Food Facilities
California Retail Food Code Regarding Signage at Temporary Food Events
California Retail Food Code Regarding NonProfit Charitable Temporary Food Facilities

Certified Farmers Markets
California Retail Food Code Regarding Certified Farmer's Markets

Community Food Production
California Retail Food Code Regarding Farm Stands and Community Food Production

Community Food Producers and Local Produce Growers - Frequently Asked Questions AB 1990 - Gordon

Mobile Food Facilities
Food Facility Permit Application
Food Facility Plan Check Application
MFF Plan Check Guidelines
Mobile Food Facility Requirements
Mobile Food Facility FAQ  
Commissary Agreement for Mobile Food Facility
Vehicle Data Sheet for Mobile Food Facility
Mobile Food Facility Water Requirements

California Retail Food Code
California Retail Food Code

No Bare Hand Contact with Ready to Eat Foods (effective Jan 1, 2014)
No Bare Hand Contact with Ready to Eat Foods (effective Jan 1, 2014) Spanish

Cottage Food Operators
California Homemade Food Act
Cottage Food Operator Overview
Cottage Food Operator Approved Food List (updated 2017)
Cottage Food Operator Registration/Permitting Form
Cottage Food Operations Self Certification Checklist
CDPH Processed Food Registration Application

Certified Food Handler Requirements
California Food Handler Card Law
California Food Handler Card Law Guidelines
Senate Bill No. 303
Approved ANSI Sources for California Food Handler Certificate

Food Safety Manager Class Locations
Food Safety Manager Certification Test Locations
Does Your Facility Have a Food Safety Certificate Holder Letter

Resources for Food Recalls
USDA - US Dept of Ag - Food Safety & Inspection Source
FDA - Food & Drug Administration - Online Resource for Recalls

Consumer Food Safety Tips
Food Safety Tips for Holiday Feasts
Safe Food Handling Practices
Controlling Food Allergens
Foodborne Pathogens and Illnesses

Service Animals in Food Facilities

Service Animals - 2015 ADA Frequently Asked Questions
Service Animals - ADA 2010 Revised Requirements
Americans With Disabilities Act Business Brief - Service Animals
Commonly Asked Questions About Service Animals