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Environmental Health

To promote and protect the health of the people of Lake County through education and the enforcement of public health laws.

 Environmental Health Programs
Commercial Kitchen

Food Safety: Environmental Health Personnel issue permits and conduct inspections for all retail food operations in Lake County.

Construction Workers

Land Program: The Land program covers on-site wastewater treatment/disposal services, water well construction permits and inspections, and Planning Division requests for review.

Testing Pool Water

Recreational Bathing & Swimming: Under this program, staff members permit and inspect all public swimming pools and spas to ensure that they are being operated in a safe and sanitary manner.

Hazardous Materials Management

Hazardous Materials Management (CUPA): The Lake County Division of Environmental Health is the Certified Unified Program Agency for all of Lake County, dealing with hazardous waste and hazardous materials.

Septic Tank Pumper

Septic Tank Pumpers: The Lake County Division of Environmental Health permits and inspects all septic tank and chemical toilet cleaners in the county.

Garbage Complaint Photo

Complaint & Public Health Threat Response: Personnel respond to residential and business complaints on a variety of issues including sewage, hazardous materials leaks and spills, and illness believed to be caused by food or associated with environmental conditions.

Chemicals Photo

Emergency Response Preparedness: Environmental Health offers assistance in response to various disasters and accidents.

Public Water System

State Small Water Systems: Environmental Health issues permits and conducts inspections of public water systems between 5 and 14 connections, in accordance with the California Health and Safety Code.

Pile of Garbage at Landfill

Solid Waste: As the local enforcement agency for state regulations governing solid waste operations, the Lake County Division of Environmental Health permits and inspects solid waste haulers and municipal facilities.

Butterfly Tattoo Photo

Body Piercing & Tattoos:  The Division currently receives registration forms from businesses engaged in tattooing, body piercing and applying permanent cosmetics.