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Loans & Grants for Energy Efficiency

Is your house leaking energy and money? Get financial assistance to upgrade now!

The CHF Residential Energy Retrofit Program, in partnership with Energy Upgrade California, makes it possible to finance energy upgrades to your home with grants and a 3% fixed interest rate 15-year loan†. Replacing windows, sealing air spaces, insulating walls, floors, ceiling or roof, and upgrading heating and cooling equipment are just a few examples of energy efficiency work that can significantly reduce your household energy consumption and slash your energy bills.

With thousands of dollars in rebates and incentives available, and financing options and grants through CHF, it's the right time to plan your home energy upgrade.

The benefits:

  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Create a more comfortable home
  • Potentially lower your utility bills
  • Potentially increase your home's value

Contact CHF today to get started. Call CHF toll-free (855) 740-8422 or visit www.chfloan.org