Become a Contractor for EUC

Coordination with Workforce Investment Boards:

All Contractors must coordinate with their local Workforce Investment Boards (“WIB(s)”) when performing Retrofit Work for the Energy Upgrade California Program. Information about the local WIB for the jurisdiction in which any Contractor is performing Retrofit Work is available from CHF staff. Contractors must contact the local WIB to familiarize themselves with the purpose of the WIB and making the WIB aware of skill sets required for Retrofit Work. The Contractors must also contact the WIB when hiring for any positions that will perform work funded by the Program.

Lake County's local WIB Board is the Lake County One-Stop:

Seth DeSimone
Executive Director
Lake One-Stop Inc.
55 First Street Box F
Lakeport, CA 95453
(707) 262-3408
(707) 263-0920 - FAX