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Code Info and News

Weed and Brush Clearing - [81KB]
Removing weeds, brush, and clearing vegetation to prevent fires and help the community and the county.
Constructing Refuse Enclosures - [146KB]
How to construct a refuse enclosure
Application for Refuse Enclosures - [31KB]
If you have a commercial business without refuse enclosures, this application must be completed to outline your plan for compliance with Lake County Codes
Refuse Enclosure Requirements - [194KB]
Information about commercial refuse enclosures
Refuse Enclosure Examples - [568KB]
Refuse Enclosures are required in Lake County. The requirements to enclose refuse/ dumpster containers may consist of fences, walls, plantings, or other devices which prevent litter from being blown or scattered beyond the enclosure and which screens the refuse containers and dumpsters from public view. Refuse and litter containers must be kept within an enclosure.
Fire Damaged Structures - [214KB]
Zoning Clearance - [449KB]
Construction of small or large structure such as a shed, carport, detached garage, or greenhouse require a Zoning Clearance Permit. Structures include open-sided carports of metal, plastic, or canvas.
Why Code Compliance is Needed - [210KB]
Not everyone wants the same living situation or more importantly, has the same standards.
Fences_Hedges_Walls - [339KB]
Open & Outdoor Storage - [423KB]
All residential zoning districts in Lake County require most things stored outdoors to be screened from all exterior property lines and any public roadway.
Construction Permits - [339KB]
Think about a very important part of your plans involving repair, alterations or building... is a permit needed?
RV, Mobile Home, and Travel Trailer Occupancy - [204KB]
Recycle and Reduce Violations - [133KB]
Resources to help with compliance.