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Property Tax

The County Auditor-Controller is responsible for calculating the debt service tax rates for repayment of local bonds, applying rates to the assessed value of property on the local tax roll, adding fee taxes to assessments within approved benefit zones, and allocation of collected tax to the appropriate tax agency. The Auditor-Controller assures that the laws of the State of California as well as the rightfully ordered will of the voters is properly administered.

The County Assessor-Recorder is responsible for the valuation of property, business property and personal property of the local assessment tax roll. The Assessor makes determination of exemption and exclusion eligibility based on California revenue and Taxation Law. The Recorder is the records administrator for all property ownership and other documents relative to title and rights in Lake County. Questions regarding these actions can be directed to 707-263-2302.

The County Tax Collector is charged with the collection of taxes (and penalties for late payment) billed in Lake County. Questions pertaining to tax bills issued in Lake County should be directed to the Tax Collector at 707-263-2234.

2007-2008 Direct Assessments
2008-2009 Direct Assessments
2009-2010 Direct Assessments
2010-2011 Direct Assessments
2011-2012 Direct Assessments
2012-2013 Direct Assessments
2013-2014 Direct Assessments
2014-2015 Direct Assessments
2015-2016 Direct Assessments
2016-2017 Direct Assessments

2007-2008 Ad Valorem Tax Code Rates
2008-2009 Ad Valorem Tax Code Rates
2009-2010 Ad Valorem Tax Code Rates
2010-2011 Ad Valorem Tax Code Rates
2011-2012 Ad Valorem Tax Code Rates
2012-2013 Ad Valorem Tax Code Rates
2013-2014 Ad Valorem Tax Code Rates
2014-2015 Ad Valorem Tax Code Rates
2015-2016 Ad Valorem Tax Code Rates

2016-2017 Ad Valorem Tax Code Rates

2007-2008 AB8 Allocation
2008-2009 AB8 Allocation
2009-2010 AB8 Allocation
2010-2011 AB8 Allocation
2011-2012 AB8 Allocation
2012-2013 AB8 Allocation
2013-2014 AB8 Allocation
2014-2015 AB8 Allocation
2015-2016 AB8 Allocation
2016-2017 AB8 Allocation

2007-2008 Assessed Valuation by District
2008-2009 Assessed Valuation by District
2009-2010 Assessed Valuation by District
2010-2011 Assessed Valuation by District
2011-2012 Assessed Valuation by District
2012-2013 Assessed Valuation by District
2013-2014 Assessed Valuation by District
2014-2015 Assessed Valuation by District
2015-2016 Assessed Valuation by District
2016-2017 Assessed Valuation by District

2007-2008 Tax Rate Book
2008-2009 Tax Rate Book
2009-2010 Tax Rate Book
2010-2011 Tax Rate Book
2011-2012 Tax Rate Book
2012-2013 Tax Rate Book
2013-2014 Tax Rate Book
2014-2015 Tax Rate Book
2015-2016 Tax Rate Book
2016-2017 Tax Rate Book

Tax Roll Correction Form

Property Tax Fee Schedule