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Pet License

The following fees are for dog licenses in Lake County:

Altered dog $15
Unaltered Exempt dog $50
Unaltered dog $75
Sr discount (altered dogs only) $8
Late payment fee $20

Mail a copy of your rabies certificate, spay/neuter certificate, and a check for $15 to:

Lake County Animal Licensing
c/o Petdata
PO Box 141929
Irving, TX 75014


Go to

If you have any questions regarding licensing, please call Petdata 1-866-923-1797.

Licenses will still be sold OVER THE COUNTER at the animal shelter located at 4949 Helbush Drive in Lakeport (next to the county jail), at Clearlake Vet Hospital in the City of Clearlake, or at Middletown Animal Hospital in Middletown.