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Dead Animal Disposal

We do not pick up dead animals, but can accept them here at the shelter.  The fee is $15 for animals under 100 lbs and $30 for animals over 100 lbs

There are private contractors that can pick up deceased animals from your home for a fee

Dead Deer from Private Property:
'Bucman Dead Animal Removal' (707) 245-6698 (appt only)

Cal Trans 263-6848 - State highways or the right of ways of State highways only.

Lake County Public Works Department 263-2341- responsible for picking up any dead animals on County roads ONLY, particularly where it is a traffic hazard. 

Lakeport Disposal 707-263-6080 (Lakeport City Only)

Lake County Waste Solutions 707-263-7682

Southlake Refuse 707-994-8613
If it's on the right-of-way of a County road and not a traffic hazard, then one of garbage disposal companies can pick up the dead animal.  No pick ups on private property.