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Living With Wildlife

Raccoon Animal Care & Control does not handle wildlife and many issues
come into play when dealing with these critters.  If you have skunks,
opossums, and raccoons frequenting your back porch, barn, or garage,
you might be tempted to try and get rid of them your self, but be careful!
Skunks and Raccoons are frequent carriers of the rabies virus, so be
certain not to touch them.  If you have pets living in close proximity to
wildlife, make sure they stay up to date on their rabies vaccine.

  Fish and Game has clearly stated it is illegal to trap and relocate any 
wildlife.  For more information, please call Fish and Game Dispatch at

  You can try trap them yourself if you intend to dispose of them immediately,
either by firearm (if in an approved area) or by calling a pest exterminator
to come remove them.  If you caught a skunk, opossum, or raccoon by
accident, you can simply open the trap and release it where you caught it,
but it cannot be relocated.  

  If you need assistance with nuisance wildlife, you can call the County
Agriculture Department at 707-263-0217 and ask to speak with the Federal
Trapper.  They may be able to bring out a trap and remove them for you. 

  Remember, they were here first, so if they aren't disrupting your life, let's
live and let live.