Dog / Cat Adoption Application

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In order to be considered for an adoption you must:
- be at least 18 years of age
- have ID with current address
- legal proof of home ownership or written permission from property owner
- be willing to supply a lifetime of love, attention, and medical care

Pet ownership is a major responsibility and one that should not be taken lightly. In Lake County Animal Care and Control's ongoing effort to find the best possible home for each animal, we ask that you take the time to fill out this application and expect to spend time discussing it with one of our adoption representatives before the adoption is completed. Applications must be completed before we will allow potential adopters to play with the animals in the play yard. Application are generally approved/denied within 24 hours.
Have you submitted an application to us in the past?
Do you:
Are pets allowed?
Have you ever owned a pet before?
What pets do you currently own? Please list all. (include breed, name, whether they are spayed/neutered, and if dog, is it licensed?)
If your pet becomes sick or injured can you afford to take it to a vet?
Have you ever brought an animal to the shelter or pound?
*In case we need to reach you for a follow-up on the adoption, please provide additional contact person, friend or relative, who does not live with you:
Check all that apply:
Check all that apply:
I would like my new cat to get along with:
Please keep in mind that some pets (particularly cats) may grow up to be aloof, no matter how much love and affection you give them.
If you adopt a cat and plan on keeping it outside, can you agree to the importance of keeping an adult cat inside for the first month, and a kitten inside until it reaches adult size (appx 1 year)? This includes the next time you move.
I certify that all the information in this application is true and I understand that false information may void the application. Lake County Animal Care & Control reserves the right to deny any adoption application for any reason, as well as to check on the welfare of this animal at any time.
Typing your name in the box provided below will be considered the same as a signature.