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  • Boards & Committees
    Information about some of the Boards, Commissions & Committees in Lake County, including Board of Supervisors, Planning Commission, Grand Jury, LAFCO, advisory board vacancies, and more.
  • Budget & Finance
    County & Special Districts budget and other financial information.
  • Codes & Ordinances
    Links to County codes, ordinances, regulations, standards, policies and procedures including sewer ordinance, zoning ordinance, County Code, and more.
  • County Holidays
    Dates that County offices will be closed.
  • County Services
    Browse the list of online services or use the alphabetical index to locate department contact information for those services not yet available online.
  • Email Directory
    List of email addresses for various County departments and staff.
  • Department Directory
    If you know where to go for the services you need, you can find an alphabetical listing of County departments and links to department web pages.
  • Employment
    Browse current County employment opportunities, download job application, County employee benefits, volunteer opportunities, and more.
  • Fee Schedules
    Department fee schedules for various services provided to the public including food permits, on-site sewage disposal, flood plain & drainage, planning, trenching & encroachment permits, and more.
  • Officials
    List of elected and appointed officials.
  • County of Lake Social Media
    List of official County of Lake Twitter feeds and Facebook pages.
  • Media Releases
    County of Lake Media Releases.
  • Disclaimer
    County web link disclaimer.