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Financial Management System

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RFP Information:
Solicitation Number:13-28
Publish Date:February 3, 2014
Close Date and Time:March 21, 2014 04:00 PM
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Lake County Department of Social Services is requesting proposals from qualified proposers for a new comprehensive Financial Management System designed specifically to meet the requirements of a Social Services Agency.
Pertinent Questions and Responses:
1. Has LCDSS participated in demonstrations or education sessions of vendor solutions that can address some of the solutions outlined in the RFP? If so, which vendors?
2. Has LCDSS used content or services from a consulting company or membership organization to help create the RFP?
3. Will LCDSS use the services of an outside agency to help lead the selection process? If so, who?
4. Has LCDSS performed any business process review for the processes included in the scope of the RFP prior to the release of this RFP? If so, please describe the top five business processes that LCDSS believes should be redesigned.
All of what is being requested is currently being done manually or through multiple systems. The system we would like to utilize should be able to do all that we are asking for without us having to go outside of the system.
5. Has LCDSS worked with any consulting agency or membership organization to help identify business process improvements? If so, who?
6. Please describe the initial implementation budget range that has been approved or you believe would be acceptable for this project based on the scope of your RFP.
We do not wish to provide the dollar amount that is budgeted for this project at this time.
7. Has LCDSS identified a project team that will support this project? How many full time equivalents will be dedicated to this project? Has LCDSS identified who these individuals will be?
This is an ongoing system that will be fed data and generate reports as well as other things. Different employees will enter the data. We have several staff members who will be involved in the RFP process, evaluating responses, and working with the vendor through the transition but no employees that are completely dedicated to this project alone.
8. Does LCDSS own end user reporting tools or business intelligence tools that you would hope could be repurposed for use with your new ERP product? If so, what are they?
Yes and no. If the system cannot receive and interpret C-IV data, then we will need to incorporate our own program that takes data from C-IV and converts it so we can use it and then send a different file to our County Auditor’s office for their use.
9. Based on the regular business calendar at LCDSS, has your organization identified a proposed project timeline or phasing approach for the implementation of your solution that would work best for you? If so, please outline at least start and go-live dates?
July 1, 2014.
10. What is the budget for LCDSS for 2014?
Approximately 53 million.
11. Does LCDSS also oversee all of the County’s Housing Programs?
12. Please describe the funding agencies that LCDSS receives grant funding from.
HUD – Section 8. HCD – HOME & CalHOME. Lake County – CDBG.
13. In the section titled, “RFP Selection Method”, you mention criteria for selection. Can you please elaborate on the following items?
--Can you tell us who is on the selection committee, including their job titles?
The selection committee has not been finalized yet.
--To whom will the committee be making the recommendation?
The Director of Social Services.
--Who is making the final purchasing decision?
The Director of Social Services.
--Who will be negotiating the contracts once a final vendor has been selected?
Several employees. Probably the appropriate Program Manager and Deputy Director for the department.
--Does the selection committee intend to obtain product demonstrations?
Yes, we are hoping to.
14. Questions under RFP section “Evaluation Criteria/Cost of Services”
--What is LCDSS expected to budget for the purchase? Please describe expected budget for the entire project including software and implementation.
See answer to Question 6 above.
--Has purchase been approved and is it included in the current budget
15. Questions under “Capability or Potential to Accomplish Work Responsibly in the Required Time.”
--No timeline is disclosed in the RFP. Please elaborate.
See answer to Question 9 above.
--What is the timeline from issuing this RFP to contract execution? When does LCDSS wish to be live on the new system?
See answer to Question 9 above.
16. Has your organization been in touch with the California Department of Social Services since they are preparing an RFP for a financial system that imports claims from the counties, bills the different funding agencies, and tracks the reimbursements?
We have not had contact with the State regarding their RFP or vice versa. The State has not advised us regarding any requirements that would affect the Counties.
17. Does LCDSS want the ability to do direct deposit for our AP vendors with this new system?
18. Will LCDSS continue to use the County's Auditor's Office to perform Payroll duties?
19. (NOTE: This is a revised answer to question #9 above.)
Based on the regular business calendar at LCDSS, has your organization identified a proposed project timeline or phasing approach for the implementation of your solution that would work best for you? If so, please outline at least start and go-live dates?
LCDSS desires to pay for the system in FY 13/14 and implement the system in FY 14/15.
20. What are Public Guardian (PG) reports? What kind of data is held in these reports/needs to be extracted?
These are financial reports on clients that are required by the courts.
21. Trust Accounts for Individual Clients - Would you please elaborate on information captured?
This is related to the question directly above. The information we will need captured is financial. LCDSS needs the ability to put information by client within a trust fund. These are court assigned numbers for each client that are utilized and attached to client names. Information is used both for trust fund overall balance and for individual client balances (revenue & expenditures).
22. EBT Registers. Our company does not issue EBT cards, but we can import data into MIP Fund Accounting. How flexible are your requirements and/or expectations regarding EBT registers? If your agency simply requires reporting, as long as data is provided from EBT company, our company can meet your financial reporting needs.
This will work find for us.
23. Auditor Check Report - Would you please expand upon what is included in these reports?
These reports include mainly check register information. These would be checks run from the C-IV (State of CA) system that would need to be in the new system as well as reported to the County Auditor. There would be a file from C-IV to our new system and also to the County Auditor.
Contact Information:
Name:Jennifer Tompkins
Title:Staff Services Analyst II