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Landfill Gas Collection and Control System

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Solicitation Number:Bid No. 13-11
Publish Date:June 12, 2013
Close Date and Time:July 24, 2013 03:00 PM
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The work to be done under this contract consists generally of the installation of network of vertical gas extraction wells and horizontal collectors in the refuse mass, collection piping, condensate traps and extraction blowers and installation of a ground flare to combust collected LFG.

Said work does not include provision of electrical power to the site. Contractor should assume that 3-phase, 200-amp electrical service will be available at a PG&E-installed utility pole within approximately 50 feet of the work area, as shown on Drawing No. E2 (15 of 18) of the Contract Drawings. PG&E plans to commence installation of said power in October, 2014 and their work is estimated to take two weeks.

Construction of the system shall be completed, fully installed, tested, and operational by January 31, 2014

Pertinent Questions and Responses:
Contact Information:
Name:Jeff Rein
Title:Public Services Director - Project Administrator