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Friday, may 6, 2011



lake county energy watch

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Saving Energy at Work; Building & Grounds explores options…

In partnership with the Lake County Energy Watch, the Building & Grounds Division of the Public Services Department is exploring technology that will power-down certain equipment when you leave your office space, and automatically power-up when you return.

The “occupancy sensor power strip” is ideal for plugging in monitors, speakers, and other devices. Read more


Ways to Save Energy and Money on Cooling

Spring has sprung here in Lake County and the hot days of summer are right around the corner. Air conditioning is a big expense in many parts of California including Lake County, but by spending a little time on energy efficiency now you can save big when the heat is on. Many of these tips are free and can continue save you money after the dog days of summer are gone.

In an uncertain economy investing a little time and money in home efficiency is one way to yield guaranteed returns. By taking just a few minutes to read Flex Your Power's tips on summer efficiency you can be on your way towards saving money and protecting the environment. Read more



Landscaping for Energy Efficiency

Using plants adapted to summer-dry climates like Lake County will save water. But did you know that simple landscaping techniques, such as using trees, vines and shrubs to create shade in the summer, or to block wind in the winter, can help cut heating and cooling bills?

Create shade during summer: heat from the sun absorbed through windows and roofs makes air conditioners work harder. By incorporating shading techniques into your landscape design, you can reduce this “solar heat gain” and lower your cooling costs. Simply shading an air conditioner can increase its efficiency by as much as 10%. Read more 

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